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rising powers global governance and global ethics pdf

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Economic convergence of the large emerging economies Brazil, China and India on the incumbent industrialized economic powers has produced divergent predictions: rising powers are viewed as challengers of existing global governance or nascent supporters of the status quo. The preferences of rising powers, as revealed in global economic negotiations and international security regimes, indicate that they are moderate reformers that seek greater influence within existing forums and also attempt to safeguard their policy-making autonomy. Even if their preferences change, the translation of growing economic weight into usable capabilities is not automatic.

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Reading List: Rising Powers

This reading list explores the way rising powers are challenging and transforming the twentieth-century international order. Suggested seminar topics: a Does Chinese investment in Africa represent a new form of colonialism? Suggested seminar topics: a What is the belt and road initiative? Suggested seminar topics: a Is Ethiopia a regional hegemon in Africa? Suggested seminar topics: a Is Russia a rising power?

Rising Powers, Global Governance and Global Ethics - Global Institutions Series

This article teases out why as well as probes two other topics, global governance and the United Nations, that mean many things to many people. Finally, the article challenges readers to move beyond the ahistorical character of much contemporary social science. The launching of this journal, Rising Powers Quarterly , provides a most welcome and necessary, refereed analytical space to interrogate honestly geopolitical developments rather than regurgitate familiar ideological tropes. Recent research shows the extent to which Southern agency has been a genuine but essentially ignored source of global norms Helleiner The inputs consist not only of efforts to resist the imposition of western values but also to articulate genuine southern voices and perspectives. Whether or not the phenomenon of rising powers reinforces the North-South divide or increases the diversity of plausible policies and alignments within the international system, however, remains open to debate. More powerful countries, and especially the United States, had more say during international negotiations; that reality is always the case and hardly destroys the argument that multilateralism and international cooperation and perspectives mattered.

The aim of the article is to analyse the way the RIC Russia, India and China states understand resilience in the world order. In doing so, the article compares their interpretation to that developed by the European Union EU. The first part of the article surveys the way the literature has analysed the role of resilience in the foreign policy of the EU. One of the main findings here is that the mainstream interpretation of resilience tends to be rather circular and leads to process of securitisation of the external environment. The second part of the article then presents and applies to the case of the RIC states a more nuanced framework that examines resilience along three complementary dimensions: resilience as ontology attribute , as process and as outcome agency and intentionality. During the last decade, the concept of resilience has increasingly made its way in the foreign policy of the European Union EU.

Power in global governance: an expanded typology from global health

Metrics details. The exercise of power permeates global governance processes, making power a critical concept for understanding, explaining, and influencing the intersection of global governance and health. The conceptualization of power itself needs to be expanded to include the multiple ways in which one actor can influence the thinking or actions of others.

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Rising Powers, Global Governance, and the United Nations

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