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An emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally immiscible with each other. From a thermodynamic point of view, an emulsion is an unstable system, since there is a natural tendency for a liquid-liquid system to separate and reduce its interfacial energy.

emulsions and emulsion stability

Emulsions occur either as end products or during the processing of products in a huge range of areas including the food, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, paint and oil industries. Despite over one hundred years of research in the subject, however, a quantitative understanding of emulsions has been lacking. Modern Aspects of Emulsion Science presents a comprehensive description of both the scientific principles in the field and the very latest advances in research in this important area of surface and colloid science. Topics covered include emulsion formation, type, stability creaming, flocculation, ripening, coalescence , monodisperse and gel emulsions, and applications. Emphasis has been placed on relating the chemistry of the surfactant or protein adsorbed at the oil-water interface to the principles of the physics involved in the bulk emulsion property. The book has been written by a collection of the world's leading experts in the field, and covers both experimental and theoretical approaches. Modern Aspects of Emulsion Science fills a real gap in the market, being the only book of its kind in print.

Stability of oil emulsions

Kokal, Sunil, and Jamal Al-Juraid. This paper discusses problems related to emulsions that have been encountered in a large Saudi Arabian field. This is a unique field lying both onshore and offshore and is producing from seven different reservoirs. The n-pentane asphaltene content varies from 0. These properties provide an interesting case of operational problems in oil-water separation.

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He relates the concept of self- emulsification to inversion processes and local supersaturation of oil, and a subsequent nucleation of oil droplets. The author also.

Factors Affecting the Stability of Emulsions Stabilised by Biopolymers

Wang, Xiuyu, and Vladimir Alvarado. The stability and morphology of crude-oil emulsions with and without suspended kaolinite or silica were investigated as functions of salinity. First, synthetic reservoir brine with 1, 10 and times dilution was emulsified with crude oils of commercial interest, at several water-oil ratios, on which salinity effect on emulsion stability was studied.

An emulsion is formed when two nonsoluble liquids e. When the agitation stops, if the drops coalesce and the two phases separate under gravity, the emulsion has been temporary. To form a stable emulsion, an emulsifying agent must be added to the system. Sometimes, the formation of an emulsion is the deliberate outcome of a manufacturing process. This is the case, for example, in the production of mayonnaise, where ground mustard seeds are normally added to act as an emulsifying agent.

The interface connects the central large droplet and the surrounding small droplets tightly. The results also indicate the size of the central droplet, and the indistinct interface can be enlarged with increasing temperature and increasing stirring rate. Compared to resin, it is noted that the larger asphaltene molecules have stronger connection because of their stronger intermolecular force, larger IFV, and less IFT.

Emulsion Stability

Kokal, Sunil, and Jamal Al-Juraid. This paper discusses problems related to emulsions that have been encountered in a large Saudi Arabian field. This is a unique field lying both onshore and offshore and is producing from seven different reservoirs. The n-pentane asphaltene content varies from 0.

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Emulsion Stability and Testing

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You must log in to edit PetroWiki. Help with editing. Content of PetroWiki is intended for personal use only and to supplement, not replace, engineering judgment. SPE disclaims any and all liability for your use of such content. More information. However, most emulsions demonstrate kinetic stability i. Produced oilfield emulsions are classified on the basis of their degree of kinetic stability.

Emulsion stabilization by native cellulose has been mainly hampered because of its insolubility in water. Chemical modification is normally needed to obtain water-soluble cellulose derivatives. These modified celluloses have been widely used for a range of applications by the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutic, paint and construction industries. In most cases, the modified celluloses are used as rheology modifiers thickeners or as emulsifying agents. In the last decade, the structural features of cellulose have been revisited, with particular focus on its structural anisotropy amphiphilicity and the molecular interactions leading to its resistance to dissolution.

The manipulation of emulsion stability for kinetically sustainable cosmetic emulsions is an important technology in cosmetic industry, however the relationship between emulsifying process and long-term emulsion stability has not been elucidated. Herein, the effect of shear mixing process on the stability of oil-in-water cosmetic emulsions is investigated by varying the shear mixing rate, emulsification time, and water phase temperature. The analysis on droplet size distribution and shear viscosity revealed that the strong viscous forces at optimal shear mixing rate of rpm afforded the fine and uniform droplets for cosmetic emulsions, leading to the improvement of long-term emulsion stability. Moreover, since the prolonged shear mixing induced the destabilization of emulsion droplets through droplet coalescence, optimal shear mixing time of 3 min could improve the kinetic stability of cosmetic emulsions.

There has been an increase in consumer demand for healthy food products made from natural ingredients. This demand has been partly addressed by the substitution of natural alternatives to synthetic ingredients. One such example in this endeavour, is the study of the application of natural biopolymers as food emulsion stabilisers.

Download the PDF version. Emulsions encompass a vast number of everyday materials and products, including foodstuffs, personal care items, and pharmaceuticals.

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