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coding and decoding questions and answers pdf

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Correct Option: b Numeric position of each letters is first added until it reaches to a single digit number and then all the numeric values are added. Correct Option: d Now this is a tricky question. Option a and b are directly eliminated because there is no symbol repeating thrice. So this sign can be for Z.

Coding Decoding Questions and Answers for IBPS Exams | Download PDF

Coding is Computer Programming Language. It is used to create or develop or to run computer software, mobile applications and websites blogs, etc. Decoding means translating the code into text or any other format. Download Nov Current Affairs Pdf. Direction : Study the following information carefully and answer the following questions. In alphabetical series A-Z each letter except vowels and Z is assigned a different number from for ex- B is coded as 1, C-2…………………… M and again those numbers get repeated for ex- N-1, P-2……… so on.

E None of these. A LIQ B MHQ C MHQ D IBA

Edit Reply. Coding is, therefore, a method of transmitting a message between sender and receiver which cannot be understood or comprehended by a third person. It is relatively easy to handle numbers than alphabets. The following place value table can be used in deciphering codes based on the English Alphabet. Following the same rule of coding, what should be the word for the code GJFY?

Coding Decoding New Pattern Questions with Complete Solution & PDF for all Competitive Exams

Each letter in the word is moved one step forward to obtain the corresponding letter of the code. Each letter in the word is moved one step backward to obtain the corresponding letter of the code. The letters of the word are written in a reverse order and then each letter is moved one step backward to obtain the code. Each letter in the word is moved one step forward and the first letter of the group so obtained is put at the end, to obtain the code. Practice online quiz, fully solved examples with detailed answers. Practice Coding - Decoding Verbal Reasoning Questions for the online examinations and companies mock tests. Question on Coding - Decoding with hints and explanation is provided in this article.

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There are 7 letters in the word. The middle letter 4th has been left intact. The first and the last letters of the word have interchanged their position. Similarly, the second and the thisrd letters and he fifth and the sixth letters have interchanged their position. In a certain code, '37' means 'which class' and '' means 'caste and class'.

Coding Decoding Reasoning – Logical Reasoning

Coding Decoding Questions and Answers

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Coding and Decoding Questions & Answers : Logical Reasoning

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