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distinction between financial accounting and cost accounting pdf

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Many people wonder about the differences between cost accounting and financial accounting. Both accounting methods can help make more effective decisions as a business manager.

The difference between Cost Management and Financial Accounting

Both allow the management to make good decisions though the nature and scope of both of this accounting are quite contrary. Cost accounting tells us the expenses of each unit of each product. For example, if a company sells three products — product A, product B, and product C; cost accounting helps us how much material, labor, etc. On the other hand, financial accounting helps us understand how profitable a company is through financial statements. But the manufacturing organizations which are involved in cost and financial accounting, data points of cost accounting help to create financial accounting at the end of the day. And they also get a comprehensive tool to look at their business internally and externally. This was the guide to Cost Accounting vs.

The difference between Cost Management and Financial Accounting

Both cost accounting and financial accounting help the management formulate and control organization policies. Financial management gives an overall picture of profit or loss and costing provides detailed product-wise analysis. No doubt, the purpose of both is same; but still there is a lot of difference in financial accounting and cost accounting. For example, if a company is dealing in 10 types of products, financial accounting provides information of all the products in totality under different categories of expense heads such as cost of material, cost of labor, freight charges, direct expenses, and indirect expenses. In contrast, cost accounting gives details of each overhead product-wise, such as much material, labor, direct and indirect expenses are consumed in each unit. With the help of costing, we get product-wise cost, selling price, and profitability.

The primary difference between financial and managerial accounting is one of audience. There are certain measures and metrics that may be more important to the operational control of business elements - the managerial functions - that could omit other financial data comprising the financial activity of a business, but not directly affecting business processes. There's not only a distinction between financial and managerial accounting, supervisors and managers at different levels or in different departments may be concerned with even smaller subsets of the overall financial picture. To further illustrate the difference between management accounting and cost accounting, you could consider these as internal and external accounting perspectives. Whether it's called cost accounting, financial accounting or simply accounting, any system that includes all aspects of the financial life of a company has a broader scope than is generally needed for managers within that business.

Read time: 3 mins. Both accounting roles perform critical financial functions that ensure long-term profitability through the tracking of progress, achievements, and failures of any given organisation. The University of Cape Town, in partnership with GetSmarter, offers online short courses in both disciplines: cost and management accounting and financial accounting. Cost and management accounting is for finance professionals and business managers or owners whose role it is to maintain records to identify where to cut costs for increased profitability. Purpose: Ascertain business costs for day-to-day planning, cost control, and internal decision making. Financial accounting is for accountants whose role it is to record all transactions and accurately report the entire financial picture and performance of a business.

The Major Differences You Should Know About Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting

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Cost Accounting is a method that records and analyses the cost incurred per unit during the production of goods. Financial Accounting involves recording and analyzing all the financial transactions of a company for a specific period of time. It is then summarised into financial statements that show the profitability of a company or the outcome of operations.

Financial accounting intends to disclose the right information to the stakeholders so that they can make informed decisions. Financial accounting and management accounting is used synonymously but, they are different from each other. Their function and scope are different even though, they are related to each other. Management accounting uses financial accounting data apart from using other economic and finance principles.

Cost Accounting refers to that branch of accounting which deals with costs incurred in the production of units of an organization. On the other hand, financial accounting refers to the accounting concerned with recording financial data of an organization, in order to exhibit exact position of the business.

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