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classical negation in logic programs and disjunctive databases pdf

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The concept of a stable model , or answer set , is used to define a declarative semantics for logic programs with negation as failure. This is one of several standard approaches to the meaning of negation in logic programming, along with program completion and the well-founded semantics. The stable model semantics is the basis of answer set programming. Consider, for instance, the program.

Stable model semantics

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Judul Urutkan Urutkan menurut kutipan Urutkan menurut tahun Urutkan menurut judul. The Journal of Symbolic Logic 57 1 , , The Journal of Logic Programming 17 , , Reasoning about Actions and Plans: Proceedings of the Workshop, , The frame problem in Artificial Intelligence, , Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence 25 3 , , Principles of knowledge representation 3, , Artikel 1—20 Tampilkan lainnya.

Bantuan Privasi Persyaratan. Classical negation in logic programs and disjunctive databases M Gelfond, V Lifschitz New generation computing 9 , , Computing circumscription. Answer set programming and plan generation V Lifschitz Artificial Intelligence , , Answer set programming V Lifschitz Springer , Splitting a logic program.

Circumscription V Lifschitz. Foundations of logic programming V Lifschitz Principles of knowledge representation 3, , Pointwise circumscription V Lifschitz Readings in nonmonotonic reasoning, ,


Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. A logical framework for querying and repairing inconsistent databases Abstract: In this paper, we address the problem of managing inconsistent databases, i. We propose a general logic framework for computing repairs and consistent answers over inconsistent databases. A repair for a possibly inconsistent database is a minimal set of insert and delete operations which makes the database consistent, whereas a consistent answer is a set of tuples derived from the database, satisfying all integrity constraints. In our framework, different types of rules defining general integrity constraints, repair constraints i.

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First Order Logic Converter

An important limitation of traditional logic programming as a knowledge representation tool, in comparison with classical logic, is that logic programming does not allow us to deal directly with incomplete information. In order to overcome this limitation, we extend the class of general logic programs by including classical negation, in addition to negation-as-failure. The semantics of such extended programs is based on the method of stable models. The concept of a disjunctive database can be extended in a similar way. We show that some facts of commonsense knowledge can be represented by logic programs and disjunctive databases more easily when classical negation is available.

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The cut is the basis of implementing a limited form of negation in Prolog called negation as failure. Program [below] is the standard definition of not Goal , which is true of Goal fails. It uses the meta-varaible facility, and a system predicate fail that fails i. A conjunction of cut and fail is referred to as a cut-fail combination.

Classical negation in logic programs and disjunctive databases

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First Order Logic Converter. Converting English into first order predicate logic 1 answer. This text provides a thorough and responsible introduction to symbolic logic from sentential calculus through first-order predicate logic with identity and its application to specific numbers in arguments. You can use this distance calculator to find out the distance between two or more points anywhere on the earth.

This paper describes a method of computing plausible states of a system as a logical model. The problem of analyzing state-based systems as they evolve over time has been studied widely in the automated reasoning community and others. This paper proposes a specific approach, one that is tailored to situational awareness applications.

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It supports a powerful language ex-tending Disjunctive Datalog with many expressive constructs, including aggregates, strong and weak constraints, functions, lists, and sets.. Research has made big steps in the field of database theory, leading to large technological improvements of the existing systems. These systems ensure efficien….

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