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Prescience Technologys Primavera Support engineers are adept at getting the most out of Primavera. Each month, they TM share some tips with our PrescienceAdvantage Support clients to help them make the most of their Primavera installation. Starting this month, we will now share an excerpt from the Primavera Support newsletter. Tip 1: Creating a Custom Unit of Measure.

Oracle Primavera P6 Pro R8 Tips & Tricks

Please use the form below to find the content you are looking for, use the filter tools to search by content type. Faster is better. That should be Oracle Primavera's mantra. Well, in this case it is! Getting Primavera P6 Activity data into Excel is essential. Excel's data crunching, grouping, pivoting and filtering is just so much easier to use than Primavera P6's.


Oracle primavera is the best planning and scheduling tool ever. In this topic, I will explain in video the most 50 powerful tips and tricks for more professional and faster works using primavera. List of primavera tips and tricks about 2 to 14 minutes each. He has started his career back in as a site engineer, technical office engineer, planning engineer, planning manager, and finally planning department manager where he has been involved in several mega construction projects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Hany provided more than 3, hours of planning and project management training on his website planningengineer.

Questions during the session, questions can be submitted through the Questions Box on the right side of the screen. We will try to address your questions at the end of the presentation, time permitting. Follow up all registrants will receive an Excel file listing all questions and responses along with a link to the recorded webinar. Our statements should not be construed to be an official Oracle perspective, but are intended to be the sharing of technical and user knowledge gained as we explore new paths and technologies, usually in advance of our clients. Our statements should not be construed as in conflict with any Oracle statement, as the Oracle statement is likely made based on more current knowledge than is available to us.

Top 11 Primavera P6 Tips And Tricks & Primavera P6 Tricks Shortcuts: · 1. Find Your Activities In Primavera P6 · 2. Use “F9” To Schedule In Primavera P6 · 3.

Oracle Primavera Top 50 Tips and Tricks- 50 downloadable videos

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Primavera p6 Tips and Tricks

An important health check to perform before issuing a schedule is to remove open ends in the activity network. A sample of this section of the report is shown below:. Note that open ends are also generated by activities whose i only predecessor relationship is a finish-to-finish link or ii only successor relationship is a start-to-start link. You can use this command to quickly copy WBS and Activity Code values as well as almost any parameter that can be displayed as a column in the Activity Table from one activity into other activities in the schedule.

Also, these Primavera P6 tricks will help you to review time schedules quickly. However, click on F9 will take you to the Schedule immediately. One of the most useful P6 Tips And Tricks is when you want to create Finish To Start relationship between activities, you just need to click in two activities or more and right click and then click on Link Activities. One of the P6 Tips And Tricks is to check and remove open ends in the activity network. Auto reorganization applies to activities on the window-level data only; For example, activities in the Activities window may be reorganized using this feature, For Example: if you filter for a number of activities, and your changing the original duration of each one of these activities and sorting by the original duration, then auto reorganization will change the organization every time you change the original duration. Changing the activity ID for the entire schedule manually will take too much time, so you can do it automatically:.

Ninety percent of the general contractors working on high-value projects with a yearly revenue of 2 to 50 million dollars are using Primavera. Highlighted below you will find the 30 must know tips and tricks to improve your productivity and save time:. A thorough check must be conducted to remove any open ends by locating a good start point for the activities list, without predecessors or successors in the report. Most users may neglect to configure these when building up a schedule. If you are working on a government-owned project and fail to make these checks before submitting, you will receive a notification review and re-submit. Thus, practicing on some activity names is a vital part of the critical path method, which the commentary here always follows. By pre-assigning values such as: duration type, the percentage of completion, type of activity, and cost to the calendar you will eliminate the need of editing them in future.

Oracle Primavera P6 Pro R8 Tips & Tricks. 1. Don McNatty, PSP. Certified P6 All registrants to this webinar will receive the WWW Program in PDF format.

Primavera P6, Microsoft Project Tips & Tricks

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Oracle Primavera P6 Pro R8 Tips & Tricks

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Primavera P6 Quick Tips

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