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data mining multiple choice questions and answers pdf

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Data Mining - Data Mining MCQ

A goal of data mining includes which of the following? Analyzing large amounts of data for strategic decision making is often referred to as strategic processing. Practice these MCQ questions and answers for preparation of various competitive and entrance exams. This set of multiple-choice questions — MCQ on data mining includes collections of MCQ questions on fundamentals of data mining techniques. Data are often deleted B.

Answer - Click Here: B. Answer - Click Here: D. Answer - Click Here: A. Answer - Click Here: C. A Clustering and Analysis. B Selection and interpretation. C Classification and regression.

mining questions and answers

What is the purpose of cluster analysis in Data Warehousing? A process to upgrade the quality of data after it is moved into a data warehouse, D. An operational system is which of the following? To explain some observed event or condition, B. Contains numerous naming conventions and formats.

In your answer, address the following: a. Is it another hype? Is it a simple transformation of technology developed from databases, statistics, and machine learning? Ask YOUR question! Check out Bitcoin StackExchange!. If not, don't be afraid to ask!.

Data Mining Questions Answers can also be used by MCA students for the preparation of their exams. You can also get Data Mining mcq pdf if you purchase an.

300+ TOP DATA MINING Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

It uses machine-learning techniques. Here program can learn from past experience and adapt themselves to new situations. Science of making machines performs tasks that would require intelligence when performed by humans.

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mining questions and answers

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