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weeds and what they tell us pdf

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Read your weeds! If you have large patches of one kind of weed, your garden is trying to tell you something. Here are common weeds and that they say about your soil—plus photos. However, weeds can be very useful.

Of Weeds and Men

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Using Weeds to Read the Soil: Some Basic Concepts to Get Started

Weeds are becoming a more and more appreciated component of gardening. We have been reintroduced to eating the weeds, with things like dandelion leaves becoming a niche crop. Also, we are encouraging plants that, up until recently, were viewed as weeds dynamic accumulators like comfrey and pioneering legumes to revitalize our soils. And, many gardeners are once again celebrating weeds as a means of reading the soil. Geoff Lawton says weeds are not the problem but rather symptoms of glitches within the soil. In other words, weeds have arrived because the soil has some sort of deficiency or condition that both allows them to thrive and prompts nature to repair systemic damage.

Weeds and What They Tell Us

Are you interested in developing a water-smart landscape for your home or property? Choosing the right plants, supporting soil health, and proper maintenance are all keys to water-smart landscapes. The design you choose for your landscape will be influenced by how you want to use it and what other benefits you desire. Lawns can be the perfect place for the kids to play or for pets to run around on, but they may need maintenance more often. Shade trees can keep your landscape cool during sunny weather.

Learn more. The Weed Spotter App is an easy way for you to send weed photographs to the Queensland Herbarium for identification via your Android smartphone.

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Landscaping Tips

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