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Thank you for taking our online quiz!

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Thank you for taking our online quiz! Here you will find the answers to the factual quiz questions. The correct answer is bold. Give each correct answer one point and each incorrect answer zero points. Add all of the points to determine your final score. What percent of the global population does not have access to either of these?

Micronutrient malnutrition could be: Vitamin A deficiency Iron deficiency Iodine deficiency All of the above. The first 1, days are the most important for preventing malnutrition; this window of opportunity is when children are in greatest need of adequate nutritious food. True or False: Diarrhea is no longer a major cause of death in the developing world.

True False. Which disease was eradicated in due to a large global effort led by the World Health Organization?

Smallpox Polio Tuberculosis Malaria. Deficiencies of Vitamin A are the primary cause of preventable childhood blindness. In which continent did The Green Revolution take off? Africa North America Europe Asia. Asia and the Pacific. Norman Borlaug. More than half of all guinea worm disease is now found in one country.

Which one is it? Burkina Faso Niger Sudan Ethiopia. True or False: According to the United Nations, children in rural areas are nearly twice as likely to be underweight as those in urban areas. Where was hybrid rice first developed and commercialized? Bangladesh United States Mexico China. This African nation has experienced significant deteriorations in hunger, largely due to ongoing conflict and political instability. With three-quarters of the population undernourished, it also has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world.

Democratic Republic of Congo. China Argentina India Kenya. These cattle may be suffering from a disease which has recently been eradicated. Other than smallpox, it is the only case of global eradication of an infectious disease. Kofi Annan. Video Video from all conference sessions now available from the program pages Day 1 Day 2 Day 3. We use cookies on this site to improve the usability of this website. By clicking 'OK, I agree' button you are giving your consent for us to use cookies

Farmlife’s Christmas family quiz

Speak now. Agriculture is the sole reason we are getting everything that our body and mind need to survive and thrive. Enhance your knowledge about this science and art of cultivating plants and livestock with our online agriculture quizzes having well-researched questions. Crop planting has been done on earth for centuries. There have been new ways to plant more and new crops throughout the years and some ancient ways are still being used.

This site requires a JavaScript enabled browser. Sick of having the same old arguments with the family at Christmas? Make a note of your answers and check them against the answers at the bottom. No peeking beforehand. But which team came last?

Top 100+ Agriculture Science Quiz Questions and Answers 2020-2021 - 1

This page requires JavaScript , which you don't seem to have. Please try a different browser. Pilkington Benjamin.

When it comes to American agriculture, corn is king. When combined, corn and soybean sales together represent 43 percent of all income derived from crops. Most agricultural land in the U. One acre is equal to 4, square yards or 43, square feet.

This activity aims to engage, excite and enable citizens to improve their knowledge about the agrarian economy and how the Indian agriculture sector has transformed over the years. Through this interactive quiz, participants would have the opportunity to not only test their knowledge about farming or food but also win attractive prizes. Terms and Conditions.

Agricultural Nutrient Management Webinars

The 50 Most Frequently Asked Farming Questions

Here at Pure Greens AZ, we get a lot of questions about farming, container farms, hydroponics, GMOs, organic certifications, and everything in between. Because we get so many questions around farming, we wanted to do a giant roundup post with all of the most frequently asked questions we get about farming. Because this article is HUGE almost 5, words! In order to get the most out of this guide you can read it all the way through, or you can use the table of contents to skip directly to the questions that are most relevant to you right now! The goal of this guide is to educate anyone who is interested about farming and all topics related to farming that make it the fascinating subject it is.

The term soil impoverishment relates to which one of the following? What is Inter-cropping? In which one of the following States is jute not significantly cultivated? Genetic industry includes - 1 Agriculture 2 Fishing 3 Hunting 4 Mining. Colour of the tag used on certified seed bags is - 1 blue 2 purple 3 white 4 golden yellow. Which one of the following terms describes the practice of growing two or more crops simultaneously on the same piece of land? Dry land farming in India is largely confined to areas with rainfall less than - 1 cm 2 85 cm 3 80 cm 4 75 cm.

A: Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. Agriculture was the key development in the rise of what? A: Sedentary human civilization. Farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that enabled people to do what? A: To live in cities.

Agriculture MCQ Questions Answers | Download PDF Agriculture Quiz

Can You Identify All of This Equipment a Farmer Would Use?

The Food and Farm Facts book features facts about food in America, how it is grown and who produces it, using color photographs and infographic style illustrations. See what's inside! Below are some ways you can use Food and Farm Facts to help others learn about American agriculture! Help us spread the word! Start a Farm Fact Friday! You can use these shareable tweets.

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Quiz: Can You Answer These Agriculture Questions a Farmer Should Know?: HowStuffWorks

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