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relation and function class 11 notes pdf

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These notes are available in PDF form on the official website of Vedantu. Students can download them on their devices so that later they do not need an internet connection to go through the Relations and Functions Class 11 Notes. This makes revisions quick and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Class 11 Maths Revision Notes for Chapter-2 Relations and Functions

It is denoted by :. Figure -2 does not represent a function because conversion is allowed figure-3 But diversion is not allowed. Hence definition of function is not satisfied. If vertical line cuts the curve more than once then it is not a function. It is called as vertical line test. The set is called the range of f and is denoted by f A. A function whose domain and range are both subsets of real numbers is called a real function.

CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Relations And Functions Notes

Set is a collection of well defined objects which are distinct from each other. Sets are usually denoted by capital letters A, B,C,… and elements are usually denoted by small letters a, b,c,…. Cardinal Number of a Finite Set The number of elements in a given finite set is called cardinal number of finite set, denoted by n A. Equivalent Sets Two sets are said to be equivalent, if they have same number of elements. But converse is not true.

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NCERT Class 11 Maths Chapter 2 Relations and Functions Notes have been largely compiled by teachers with near to 20 years of experience and after studying the last ten years of examination papers. Further, they are all designed with the latest academic year subject material so that any difference in the syllabus is accounted for as well. By studying from these NCERT Maths Chapter 2 Relations and Functions Notes for class 12 and employing sample papers, students will no difficulty be able to alleviate any tension before exams as they will be fully prepared in advance for their board exams.

Relations and Functions Class 11 Formulae List is prepared strictly according to the NCERT Syllabus which not only reduces the pressure on the students but also, offer them a simple way to study or revise the chapter. These formulae are cumulated from past 15 years of examination material preferred by CBSE so that no important formulae should be left behind for the students to know and practice. Relations and Functions Class 11 Formulae would fuel your exam preparation and increase your self-confidence which would help you score maximum marks in the exam. A relation f from a set A to a set B is said to be function if every element of set A has one and only one image in set B. In other words, a function f is a relation such that no two pairs in the relation has the same first element.

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CBSE Class 11 Maths Notes Chapter 2 Relations and Functions. Ordered Pair An ordered pair consists of two objects or elements in a given.

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