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Soil acidification is caused by a number of factors including acidic precipitation and the deposition from the atmosphere of acidifying gases or particles, such as sulphur dioxide, ammonia and nitric acid. Acidification causes the loss of base cations, an increase in aluminium saturation and a decline in crop yields; severe acidification can cause nonreversible clay mineral dissolution and a reduction in cation exchange capacity, accompanied by structural deterioration.

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Agroecosystems are domesticated ecosystems intermediate between natural ecosystems and fabricated ecosystems, and occupy nearly one-third of the land areas of the earth. Chemical perturbations as a result of human activity are particularly likely in agroecosystems because of the intensity of that activity, which include nutrient inputs intended to supplement native nutrient pools and to support greater biomass production and removal. Plant analysis shows that a considerable portion of the alkalinity generated by assimilation of N and to a lesser extent by S is sequestered in the above-ground plant parts as organic anions and is not returned to the soil if harvested. The reversibility of these changes due to prolonged acidification is doubtful if the changes are due to soil weathering. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

Executive Summary. Phosphoric acid is the most acidifying phosphorus fertilizer. Soil acidification is a widespread natural phenomenon in regions with medium to high rainfall, and agricultural production systems can accelerate soil acidification processes through perturbation of the natural cycles of nitrogen N , phosphorus P and sulfur S in soil, through removal of agricultural produce from the land, and through addition of fertilizers and soil amendments that can either acidify soil or make it more alkaline Kennedy Changes in soil pH may be advantageous or detrimental depending on the starting pH of the soil and the direction and speed of pH change — for example decreases in soil pH in alkaline soils may be advantageous for crop production due to benefits in terms of the availability of P and micronutrients e. On the other hand, decreases in soil pH for a highly acidic soil may be detrimental in terms of increasing crop susceptibility to toxicity induced by increased solubility of aluminium Al or manganese Mn as soil pH falls Wright

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Updated: November 17, A sound liming program will increase soil productivity and, possibly more important under current conditions, increase efficiency of other crop production inputs such as fertilizers and crop protectants. Acid soils are defined as any soil that has a pH of less than 7. It is also important to note that a one-unit change in pH equals a ten-fold change in acidity, therefore, small changes in pH can dramatically effect the lime requirement of that soil. Soil acidity is comprised of two components: active acidity and exchangeable reserve acidity.

Soil Acidity and Aglime

Soil acidification is the buildup of hydrogen cations , which reduces the soil pH. Chemically, this happens when a proton donor gets added to the soil. The donor can be an acid , such as nitric acid , sulfuric acid , or carbonic acid. It can also be a compound such as aluminium sulfate , which reacts in the soil to release protons. Acidification also occurs when base cations such as calcium , magnesium , potassium and sodium are leached from the soil. Soil acidification naturally occurs as lichens and algae begin to break down rock surfaces. Acids continue with this dissolution as soil develops.

To increase soil productivity, ameliorate nutrient scarcity, and reduce metal toxicity in highly weathered acidic soils usually requires fertilizer and lime application. Effects of three biochars on soil acidity, Olsen-phosphorus P , phosphatase activities, and heavy metal availability were investigated to test potential of these biochars as soil amendments in highly weathered acidic soils. Moreover, CMB increased the soil pH, electrical conductivity EC , cation exchange capacity CEC , and alkaline phosphatase activity, but reduced exchangeable acidity, acid phosphatase activity, and the availability of heavy metals—more effectively than PMB and PB. Addition of CMB increased soil pH by 0. The results suggested that the magnitude of changes in soil properties and Olsen-P contents depended on biochar type and application rate. Application of CMB increased nutrient availability and reduced the availability of heavy metals more than other amendments. Due to higher pH, EC, and CEC, and greater concentrations of carbon, nitrogen, and exchangeable calcium and potassium, incorporation of CMB should be a better cost-effective method to correct soil acidity and improve fertility and Olsen-P contents in Ultisols and Oxisols from tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Long-term impact of fertilization on soil pH and fertility in an apple production system. To date, China has the largest apple cultivation area and production in the world. Its fruit production has gradually become an important pillar industry for increasing the income of farmers. However, there has been poor development of fertilizer recommendations with rapidly expanding production, with the result that farmers are applying large amounts of inorganic fertilizers to ensure high yields. From to , the cultivation area of fruit trees in China increased by

Do Fertilizers affect Soil pH? Nitrogen is the main nutrient that can affect soil. pH. Soils can become more acidic depending on which nitrogen fertilizer is used.

Soil acidification

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Effects of long-term soil acidification due to nitrogen fertilizer inputs in Wisconsin

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Soil acidity is a major environmental and economic concern.

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