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astrology and stock market forecasting by louise mcwhirter pdf

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Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting

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Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. For Later. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Langham, J. Bucholtz-Financial Astrology Almanac Thomas E. French - Median Line Market Analysis. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Astrology and stock market forecasting, Published in under title: McWhirter theory of stock market forecasting. L Tile. List of Usstrations Business Cycle Chart It does aim to present in factual form an outstanding new theory of financial astrology.

Louise McWhirter, well known financial and economic analyst, is a veteran writer who has contributed many important treatises to the science of astrology.

In back of this step was har life-long desire to develop her otiginal theory of Astronomics. Tt was during this formative period, while Miss McWhirter was compiling important financial statistics, that this volume found its genesis. Today the author is convinced beyond a doubt that this work is complete and satisfactory.

However, even if this book is not to be used as a guide in financial investment, the authority and freshness of its approach should make it a wel- come addition to the library of every sincere student of astrology.

While this is a most admirable goal, astrologers and other students of cycles know that there is a constant fluctuation between alternating periods of optimism bullishness and pessimism bearishness in eco- nomic and business life. Rather than attempt to alter this es- sential rhythm, it is far wiser to take advantage of these swings in mood or mass feeling and tailor activities accord- ingly. Astrology offers the investors and traders a unique tool for timing these changes and indicating their direction.

However, there are several other important factors that the would-be trader must lake into consideration. I have made money and I have lost money trading commodities, puts and calls long before they were as pop- ular as they are today and stocks.

To the extent that you answer truthfully you will be in a better position to know whether you have the necessary talents and qualities of personality to function effectively in this emotion-laden area. Perhaps that stock or commodity does not feel like go- ing up or down at the moment, and the fact that you have bought or sold will not influence its course one whit.

In- deed, markets in general are singularly unimpressed with the identity of either buyer or seller. Although itis difficult to ad- mit that one has made an error either in judgment or timing, timing errors can be just as serious , failures and mistakes are inherent in the human condition. Analyses of traders, both the successful and unsuccess- ful ones, done by brokerage houses, have shown that money- making traders do not have more right trades than wrong trades.

However, they do close out their mistaken ones more quickly and allow the correct ones to run on profitably until there is a change in the situation. In other words, those who make money in these markets are not afraid to admit error and take small losses from time to time when they are wrong. Unless you have cultivated this ability, stay away from trading.

How is your patience quotient? If this is not your forte, perhaps you will do better making money in another field. Nowhere is this aphorism more valid than in the money markets.

Saturn is the lord of both patience and timing as well as success in trading. Can you sit out a correct position until ithas gone as far as it can profitably or are you in mortal terror that the profits will evaporate? The saturnian qualities of careful in- vestigation before investing and moderation in expectations rather than the negative qualities of fearfulness and greed must predominate to insure good results.

If you are, and have not learned to curb its excessive manifestations, you will find yourself in some rather unfortunate financial positions which could have been avoided with a little forethought. You may be lucky occasionally, but luck is a very slim reed to lean on for long-term trading, If Mars and Jupiter are doing dynamic things to each other in your chart, look out for a tendency to be impulsive; otherwise, you may be more likely to lose your shirt than make a fortune.

If all these people knew so much, they would be so unbelievably wealthy that they would not be bothering to offer you advice, Inter- estingly enough, this very susceptibility to outside influence can be a tremendous asset in trading if used advantageously to sense general business and market conditions and trends, However, one must be very still, away from all outside pres.

Finally, and perhaps most important of all, you must calculate your greed quotient. Unless you are willing to settle for returns on your trading operations commensurate with your risk and original investment, you are likely to incur the additional trading hazard of greed. This trait can subvert the most carefully planned strategy because, when it is in full bloom, one loses all sense of proportion and judgment, To avoid any possibility that greed can destroy your financial success, always plot very carefully, before taking the posi- tion, what would be a reasonable return on your investment of time and money and for the most part, stay with that fig- ure.

This specialized area is concerned with the application of astrological knowledge and techniques to the larger groups, i. The immediate impact of, for example, Saturn in aspect with the Sun and Moon of an eclipse will affect everyone, but the particular area of life will vary from one place to another, depending upon house location and rulership. Saturn in aspect with a monthly luna- tion will have a much more limited influence, lasting only the time until the next lunation.

These charts are read solely in terms of the planet for which they are erected. While he shows an interpolative technique for timing the change-over from south to north declination the cycle chart is based on the time of entrance of a planet into north declination , I have learned that there may be several hours or days difference in time between the figure so calculated and that obtained from your local astro- nomical society.

In the fall of several of these cycle charts were activated by their particular planets. The Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus charts were very busy during this period. Mench gave an interesting talk on stock market trading. If all the above indications are reversed, then working with partners will generally prove beneficial in trading operations. Many individuals have charts that indicate an ability for managing money for others, but not for themselves.

They should content themselves with the smaller rewards paid to money managers. They usually are excellent advisors. Again, there are those whose charts point to a very different way of eaming a livelihood and they should resist the temptation of trading.

The point is found by adding the longitudes of Mars and Neptune and di- viding by two. If this mid-point is aspected in your chart by current lunations or eclipses, it is a warning to you to exercise extreme caution in your affairs during the ensuing period. It is necessary to understand how mass psychology af- fects not only markets, but also individuals and be able to translate this information into skill in manipulation and tim ing.

This is very logical, but seldom re- membered by traders. This path takes strong nerves because, theoretically, there is no limit to the losses if one is mistaken.

The use of the nodal axis to deter- mine over-all bullish and bearish tendencies is her unique contribution to this fascinating stock and commodity market game. Boyd, Mary Whitty. Horoscopes — Dow Jones Industrial Stocks. Carter, Charles EO. DeVore, Nicholas, Eneyclopadia of Astrology. Jensen, Ly. Johndro, L, Edward.

MacCraig, Hugh. Yon Norstrand, Frederic. Astro-Economies, St. Paul, MN: Liwellyn Publ, Dewey, Edward with Og Mano. The Intelligent Investor. Loeb, Gerald. Commodity Year Books. Commodity Chart Service. The law is here; it need only be applied to bring economic independence and a more abundant living to every man and woman in this country.

Leonard P. That is, it takes them nineteen years to pass through the twelve signs of the zodiac. The trend of the Business Volume Curve has been found to correspond with the cycle of the North Node. Secondary planetary factors can distort this Curve ten to twenty per cent above or below the normal line depending upon the nature of the planet and the angles formed.

Planetary aspects or angles to the North Node and to each other form the secondary trend. As the North Node passes through Cancer and Gemini, Business Nalume is sbove ool, but the trend i slowly toward nonnal favorable secondary factors can prolong this prosperity period beyood the alloted time and unfavorable secondayy fazors an decrease the length of the favorable period.

According to this theory all these factors were pre dictable in advance years shead of the actual happening.

Louise McWhirter

However, there are several other important factors that the would be trader must take into consideration. Few of us can understand why the all important relationship between astrology and finance has been so completely neglected. Pespite the importance of the progrcu in other branches of astrology, the student and investor has not, until now, been able to delve deeply into the roots of financial astrology. The reason for this, we believe is a lack of scientific information. It is the intention of this book to afford such knowledge.

Recent additions:. Can assassinations be prevented? The Astrology of Depression by Judith Hill. Understanding the zodiac: and why there really ARE 12 signs of the zodiac, not 13 by Deborah Houlding. View previous topic :: View next topic. I am wondering if anyone out there might be aware of any recent work that has been done using McWhirter's ideas from ?

louise mcwhirter - astrology and stock market forecasting

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Gann J. As the North Node goes through Cancer and Gemini, business volume is above normal, but slowly going to normal. As the Node transits Capricorn [ ] and Sagittarius [ ] , the normal position of the business curve is below normal going to normal.

Louise McWhirter - Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting

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M uch has been published about financial markets and astrology over the last years so this article has to be selective. It draws attention to some of the highlights of that work but is in no way an exhaustive review. I have tried to pick-out some of the themes, and the results that were important both for our understanding of financial astrology and for our practise of astrology generally. Some well-known names are missing, either because they have only published their results in subscription newsletters, or because they generally only publish predictions and not the methods by which they arrived at those predictions. I have tried to provide references so that readers can look for themselves at the methods used by the people discussed in this article, and so understand their methods in more detail than can be discussed here. One of the first studies to link market prices with astrological aspect was by L Krohn published in Modern Astrology in

Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting McWhirter - Free download A. Library of Congress Cotaloging in Publication Data McWhirter, Louise.

The key tool uses an astronomical component which consistently and beautifully predicts the angle of attack or slope of a forthcoming trend. This is combined with a simple astro-timing tool which indicates the next turns out and a geometrical price projection tool which provides the two most probable price projections for each move. Straker reveals that the core of Gann Science is dependent upon specific, hidden scaling techniques needed for tools to work. He has cracked Gann's scaling system and shows how Golden Mean is hidden in Gann's work. Lorrie Bennett is one of the only Gann experts to have cracked the Law of Vibration!

Louise McWhirter October 19, — November 1, [1] was a financial astrologer who purported to use astrology to forecast the financial markets. McWhirter's main theory was that the major of primary trend of business volume and finance is clearly pointed out by the It has been noted that the four crucial signs the top, bottom and two break-even points correspond to the four heads of the cherubim in the Book of Ezekiel. Below is a table of stock market crashes [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] and the respective North Node locations. Please note that the motion of the North is retrograde by default, so that it always travels from West to East, in the opposite way of other planets.

Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting (McWhirter).pdf

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