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Jean Tirole: Market Power and Regulation

He is a best-selling author, a distinguished professor and the recipient of a long list of prestigious awards. He is also humble. His work, and personality, have contributed not only to pushing economics forward as a field, but has worked on making it a more collaborative space, bringing in experts from different fields and reaching out to the public in a uniquely personal, relatable and authentic manner. A champagne man: His hometown was once the capital of the Champagne region in France and it remains his drink of choice. Current focus for both research and fun: Digital dystopia or, what he calls, social science fiction. When Tirole and his colleague Jean Jacques Laffont began their market regulation research in the 80s, he noticed a lot of areas where monopolies or tight oligopolies—markets controlled by a small number of firms—had formed.

In economics and particularly in industrial organization , market power is the ability of a firm to profitably raise the market price of a good or service over marginal cost. In perfectly competitive markets, market participants have no market power. A firm with total market power can raise prices without losing any customers to competitors. Market participants that have market power are therefore sometimes referred to as "price makers" or "price setters", while those without are sometimes called "price takers". Significant market power occurs when prices exceed marginal cost and long run average cost , so the firm makes economic profit. A firm with market power has the ability to individually affect either the total quantity or the prevailing price in the market. Price makers face a downward-sloping demand curve , such that price increases lead to a lower quantity demanded.

Jean Tirole – Why and how to regulate? (3/3)

Leveraging of market power is a complex and controversial area. When it takes place in emerging markets the analysis is further complicated. This article attempts to provide some guidance by examining the relevant literature, cases, and factors in these cases. It provides a general framework for assessing whether and under what circumstances such concerns may be relevant. It also puts forward some practical suggestions on how the analysis of the various steps in a competition law case—market definition, dominance, abuse, consumer harm, and remedies—may be affected and may need to be modified accordingly.

Market power and regulation. Jean Tirole is one of the most influential economists of our time. He has made important theoretical research contributions in a.

Market power

Instructor: Allan Collard-Wexler, allan. The purpose of antitrust laws is to control how firms attain and maintain their market position; presumably for the betterment of consumers, or at least for the benefit of society. In this class, using a rigorous set of tools from microeconomic and game theory, we will investigate the underpinnings of policies meant to deal with market power, such as antitrust laws, the regulation of public utilities, the regulation of financial markets, and antidumping rules. This class will dive into the regulations used in industries with market power, such antitrust laws and the regulation of natural monopolies.

When these imperfections market power, information asymmetries, monopoly reduce social welfare, public policies must strive to correct them without rendering market mechanisms ineffective. An understanding of the origins of these imperfections and knowledge of the market structure are essential to be able to propose suitable regulations. We must avoid exacerbating any imbalances by drawing up rules that are too rigid or inappropriate to the specific conditions of the industry and therefore unenforceable. The regulator should aim to increase social welfare, while ensuring that companies do not forego production and trade.

Jean Tirole

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Industrial Organization

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Jean Tirole, a French economist focusing on industrial organization and microeconomics, won the Nobel Prize.

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