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Following are frequently asked questions in interviews for freshers as well as experienced cyber security certification candidates. Cybersecurity refers to the protection of hardware, software, and data from attackers. The primary purpose of cyber security is to protect against cyberattacks like accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information.

Top Network Security Interview Questions and Answers for 2021

Following are frequently asked questions in interviews for freshers as well as experienced cyber security certification candidates.

Cybersecurity refers to the protection of hardware, software, and data from attackers. The primary purpose of cyber security is to protect against cyberattacks like accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information.

Major elements of cybersecurity are: Information security Network security Operational security Application security End-user education Business continuity planning 3 What are the advantages of cyber security?

Benefits of cyber security are as follows: It protects the business against ransomware, malware, social engineering, and phishing. It protects end-users. It gives good protection for both data as well as networks. Increase recovery time after a breach. Cybersecurity prevents unauthorized users. It is a technique used to protect information from third parties called adversaries. Cryptography allows the sender and recipient of a message to read its details.

The administrator has to be careful while preventing the intrusion. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability CIA is a popular model which is designed to develop a security policy. CIA model consists of three concepts: Confidentiality: Ensure the sensitive data is accessed only by an authorized user. Integrity: Integrity means the information is in the right format.

Availability: Ensure the data and resources are available for users who need them. It is a security system designed for the network.

A firewall is set on the boundaries of any system or network which monitors and controls network traffic. Firewalls are mostly used to protect the system or network from malware, worms, and viruses.

Firewalls can also prevent content filtering and remote access. It lists all the points that the packet passes through. Traceroute is used mostly when the packet does not reach the destination. Traceroute is used to check where the connection breaks or stops or to identify the failure. NIDS is used for the network. What does it do? It monitors suspicious system activities and traffic of a specific device. It monitors the traffic of all device on the network.

It is a technology creating encrypted connections between a web server and a web browser. It is used to protect the information in online transactions and digital payments to maintain data privacy.

Data leakage is an unauthorized transfer of data to the outside world. Data leakage occurs via email, optical media, laptops, and USB keys. How to prevent it? It is a trial-and-error method to find out the right password or PIN. Hackers repetitively try all the combinations of credentials. In many cases, brute force attacks are automated where the software automatically works to login with credentials.

There are ways to prevent Brute Force attacks. They are: Setting password length. Increase password complexity. Set limit on login failures. It is the technique for identifying open ports and service available on a specific host. Hackers use port scanning technique to find information for malicious purposes. It is a network connection method for creating an encrypted and safe connection. This method protects data from interference, snooping, censorship.

Black hat hackers are people who have a good knowledge of breaching network security. These hackers can generate malware for personal financial gain or other malicious reasons.

They break into a secure network to modify, steal, or destroy data so that the network can not be used by authorized network users. White hat hackers or security specialist are specialized in penetration testing. They protect the information system of an organization. Grey hat hackers are computer hacker who sometimes violate ethical standards, but they do not have malicious intent. There are various ways to reset BIOS password.

By utilizing the software. By utilizing a motherboard jumper. The main intention of MITM is to access confidential information. It's a number of internet-connected devices like servers, mobile devices, IoT devices, and PCs that are infected and controlled by malware. The main difference between these two is that SSL verifies the identity of the sender. SSL helps you to track the person you are communicating to. TLS offers a secure channel between two clients.

How to implement it for a public website? It is a security process to identify the person who is accessing an online account. The user is granted access only after presenting evidence to the authentication device. Symmetric encryption requires the same key for encryption and decryption. On the other hand, asymmetric encryption needs different keys for encryption and decryption. XSS stands for cross-site scripting.

WAF is used to protect the application by filtering and monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic between web application and the internet. Hacking is a process of finding weakness in computer or private networks to exploit its weaknesses and gain access.

For example, using password cracking technique to gain access to a system. A Hacker is a person who finds and exploits the weakness in computer systems, smartphones, tablets, or networks to gain access.

Hackers are well experienced computer programmers with knowledge of computer security. Network sniffing is a tool used for analyzing data packets sent over a network. This can be done by the specialized software program or hardware equipment. Sniffing can be used to: Capture sensitive data such as password. Eavesdrop on chat messages Monitor data package over a network 32 What is the importance of DNS monitoring?

Yong domains are easily infected with malicious software. You need to use DNS monitoring tools to identify malware. What is the use of salting? Salting is that process to extend the length of passwords by using special characters.

To use salting, it is very important to know the entire mechanism of salting. The use of salting is to safeguard passwords.

It also prevents attackers testing known words across the system. It is called as salt. It is a utility suite that provides system administrators secure way to access the data on a network. SSL verifies the sender's identity, but it does not provide security once the data is transferred to the server. It is good to use server-side encryption and hashing to protect the server against a data breach.

Black box testing: It is a software testing method in which the internal structure or program code is hidden. White box testing: A software testing method in which internal structure or program is known by tester. Vulnerabilities refer to the weak point in software code which can be exploited by a threat actor.

They are most commonly found in an application like SaaS Software as a service software. It is a process used in a network to make a connection between a local host and server. This method requires the client and server to negotiate synchronization and acknowledgment packets before starting communication. What are three ways to deal with risk? It is a threat that balances risk exposure after finding and eliminating threats.

Three ways to deal with risk are: Reduce it Avoid it Accept it. Data exfiltration refers to the unauthorized transfer of data from a computer system. This transmission may be manual and carried out by anyone having physical access to a computer.

An exploit is a method utilized by hackers to access data in an unauthorized way. It is incorporated into malware. It is the process of checking exploitable vulnerabilities on the target. In web security, it is used to augment the web application firewall. Following are the common cyber-attacks which can be used by hackers to damage network: Malware Phishing Password attacks DDoS Man in the middle Drive-by downloads Malvertising Rogue software 44 How to make the user authentication process more secure?

Firewall Interview Questions and Answers - Firewall FAQs

What is a Firewall? Firewall is a device that is placed between a trusted and an untrusted network. It denies or permits traffic that enters or leaves network based on pre-configured policies. Firewalls protect inside networks from unauthorized access by users on an outside network. A firewall can also protect inside networks from each other.

When applying for a Network Security position, it makes sense to prepare by familiarizing yourself with a set of appropriate network security questions. Having a good grasp of often-asked network security questions enables you to present yourself as an adept candidate with an in-depth understanding of the subject. In an effort to inform and prepare you for that important network security interview, here are some of the top network security interview questions and answers. Still, be assured that the following are more likely than not to be asked. Bear in mind, however, that while having a question guide like the one below is a smart thing to have at your disposal, nothing can replace gaining important network security skills.

Question 1. What Is Firewall? Answer: A firewall is a hardware or software installed to provide security to the private networks connected to the internet.

Network Firewall: Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

The network firewall is considered as the first line of defense against any cyber attack. It can protect different servers based on the firewall configuration. I believe questions and answers is the best way to understand something. Here, we will discuss the commonly asked interview questions in interviews, which also help you understand more about firewall devices.

Interview Answers Professional answers and coaching to win your next interview. Find Your Interview Question 1 of 32 All interview questions are created by integratzia. You'll have lots of questions and will need answers quickly. You'll get lots of logs, and lots of data.

Top 110 Cyber Security Interview Questions & Answers

Top 22 Interview Questions : Network Firewall

A network firewall is still considered the main security component in any network defense plan. A firewall is used to isolate internal networks from outside networks e. Firewalls are also used to protect individual endpoint devices from malicious software and misuse. They prevent endpoints from communicating with malware operators or spreading to other network locations if malware is successfully installed on the victim's device. For these reasons, questions related to firewalls normally arise when interviewing for any computer networking and cybersecurity role. This article will present answers to the most frequently asked questions in an interview about Network firewalls.

Do you like to switch your career? Here's our recommendation on the important things to need to prepare for the job interview to achieve your career goals in an easy way. Firewall Support responsibilities are to make the firewall configured to handle the inflow of communications from various channels.

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Firewall Support Interview Questions & Answers


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