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Home Issues 8 Development as a Battlefield. Conflict and development are commonly understood as two contradictory phenomena. Some apparently self-evident ideas, such as gaps in development being a source of conflict and social and political conflict being a major obstacle to development, have been revitalised by the debate about the Arab Spring and used to orient development projects in the MENA region. This chapter aims to explore a radically different perspective: we conceive development as a complex social relationship, involving a vast constellation of actors, interests, logics, spaces, causalities and temporalities, and we consider conflict in a multidimensional sense, as an expression of struggle, competition, tension, resistance, opposition and critique.

Development, Security and Unending War: Governing the World of Peoples

The merging of security and development in the education sector: discourses and effects. E-mail: m. The article explores the merging of security and development policies by western development agencies operating in conflict affected states, and its broad effects on the education sector. This is then followed by a reflection on the contradictory nature of development assistance and presents some examples of the way aid to education was used during the Cold War for military rather than development purposes. Finally the article ends with a call for more research and critique on this important issue. Key words: Education. International cooperation.

The Development-Security Nexus in Historical Perspective: Governing the World of Peoples

After 20 years of insurgency, Kashmir continues to be a major flashpoint and decisive factor in destabilizing regional relations. Resolving the dispute over the state of Jammu and Kashmir is crucial to achieving peace and stability, without which the US Af-Pak strategy is unlikely to succeed With international eyes focused on South Asia, understanding what is at stake in Kashmir has never been more important. With the state, located between two nuclear-armed nations and India blaming Pakistani militants for the terrorist attacks on Mumbai, the potentially wider implications of the conflict are higher than ever on the international agenda. This fully updated edition of Kashmir in Conflict offers a highly readable, carefully documented account of the origins, development and implications of this contentious issue. She examines the implications for the people when in the Maharaja chose secular, yet majority Hindu, India over Muslim Pakistan and shows why the neighbouring countries continue to argue over the status of Jammu and Kashmir which, according to recommendations passed by the UN, was to be determined by the will of the people. Drawing upon research in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India, Pakistan, and a range of historical sources, Schofield analyses critically the actions of the key players who, throughout its history, have contributed to the current militarization of the valley.

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It has forced a fundamental rethinking of the way we live, how we related to others, and indeed, as some commentators have alluded to, what it is to be human.

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Challenging the Aid Paradigm pp Cite as. This enlightened self-interest summarises how the current relationship between development and security is understood. While often presented today as a new policy departure DAC, , the development-security nexus has a much longer genealogy. As part of his inaugural address in January , for example, President Truman is credited with making one of the first calls for an interstate development regime tailored to the new post-war world. Unable to display preview.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Duffield Published Political Science. The liberal problematic of security. Biopolitics, liberalism and development. Surplus population and accumulation by dispossession.

The body of research relating to the impact set out in this case study refers to the period from when Duffield was Professor of Development Politics and Founding Director of the Global Insecurities Centre at the University of Bristol until his retirement in After his return to academia in , Duffield's research drew on his formative experiences as Oxfam's Country Representative for Sudan and almost a decade of consultancy work in conflict zones in Africa, the Balkans and Afghanistan. Adopting a qualitative research methodology and working directly in the field, Duffield's driving concern has been to understand the nature and implications of Western humanitarian and development interventionism in the post-Cold War era, a theme explored in his book Global Governance and the New Wars: the Merging of Development and Security 1, citations. This seminal contribution opened up what is now an extensive field of reflection on the interconnections between development and security. Duffield then explored the idea of development as a liberal strategisation of power that governs in the name of people, freedom and rights principally in Duffield in Conflict, Security and Development : 81 citations. Upon his arrival in Bristol in , Duffield embarked upon the second landmark phase of his research, this time on the emerging international security architecture, which Duffield argues has the development-security merger at its core.

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