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serious games mechanisms and effects pdf

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Serious Games are increasingly being used in undergraduate medical education.

This textbook is an introduction to the basics of serious games, which are significantly different from computer games, which are pure entertainment. Undergraduate and graduate students from various disciplines who want to learn about serious games are a target group for this book. Potential serious game developers are another case in point, as they can use the book to study the distinctive features of serious game design and development.

Serious games : mechanisms and effects

Serious games are growing rapidly as a gaming industry as well as a field of academic research. There are many surveys in the field of digital serious games; however, most surveys are specific to a particular area such as education or health. So far, there has been little work done to survey digital serious games in general, which is the main goal of this paper. Hence, we discuss relevant work on serious games in different application areas including education, well-being, advertisement, cultural heritage, interpersonal communication, and health care. We also propose a taxonomy for digital serious games, and we suggest a classification of reviewed serious games applications from the literature against the defined taxonomy. Finally, the paper provides guidelines, drawn from the literature, for the design and development of successful serious games, as well as discussing research perspectives in this domain.

Serious Games : Foundations, Concepts and Practice pdf free download

This textbook provides an introduction to the fundamentals of serious games, which differ considerably from computer games that are meant for pure entertainment. Undergraduate and graduate students from various disciplines who want to learn about serious games are one target group of this book. Prospective developers of serious games are another, as they can use the book for self-study in order to learn about the distinctive features of serious game design and development. And ultimately, the book also addresses prospective users of serious game technologies by providing them with a solid basis for judging the advantages and limitations of serious games in different application areas such as game-based learning, training and simulation or games for health. To cater to this heterogeneous readership and wide range of interests, every effort was made to make the book flexible to use. All readers are expected to study Chapter 1, as it provides the necessary basics and terminology that will be used in all subsequent chapters.

Alvarez, J. Montpellier, France. Bellotti, F. Assessment in and of serious games: An overview. Advances in Human-Computer Interaction, doi

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Foreword Ben Sawyer PART I. Serious Games: Explication of an Oxymoron Introduction Ute Ritterfeld, Michael Cody & Peter Vorderer Classifying serious.

An Overview of Serious Games

Introduction : The literature shows an optimistic landscape for the effectiveness of games in medical education. Nevertheless, games are not considered mainstream material in medical teaching. Two research questions that arise are the following: What pedagogical strategies do developers use when creating games for medical education? And what is the quality of the evidence on the effectiveness of games? Methods : A systematic review was made by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers following the Cochrane Collaboration Guidelines.

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Serious game

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