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New value is being created for patients, care teams, and partners. How can biotech and pharmaceutical accounting departments keep up?

What is research? Depending on who you ask, you will likely get very different answers to this seemingly innocuous question. Some people will say that they routinely research different online websites to find the best place to buy goods or services they want. Television news channels supposedly conduct research in the form of viewer polls on topics of public interest such as forthcoming elections or government-funded projects.

Pharmaceuticals & life sciences

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Sideridis and G. Sideridis , G. In Earth and Life Science courses such as agricultural, environmental and biomedical courses teaching and learning conditions and requirements present certain peculiarities. In this paper, the case of the Agricultural University of Athens AUA is presented, in relation to the use of videoconferencing for instruction and learning. Save to Library.

Pharmaceuticals & life sciences

Adamson , Megan Abbott , Mark Y. The federal government operates several large-scale research facilities that enable scientific inquiry in a range of fields, including physics, material sciences, astronomy, and, increasingly, the life sciences. This study was designed to help the Office of Science and Technology Policy OSTP address the issues surrounding the planning, operation, and management of selected large scientific facilities and to identify key areas in need of oversight or coordination by OSTP. A research team in RAND's Science and Technology Policy Institute reviewed 20 documented studies of major science facilities or guides for their operation and drew conclusions based on the findings and recommendations of the expert panels that produced the reviewed documents. The information presented here represents the research team's synthesis of those documents. The authors identify lessons that would be of value to the federal government as it builds, manages, and retires large scientific facilities. Summary PDF.

The Issues and Life Science Student Book guides investigations and provides related readings. It uses a variety of approaches to make science accessible for all.

A Review of Reports on Selected Large Federal Science Facilities

Our Global Life Sciences sector can help you navigate forward and achieve sustainable success in the new health-outcomes-driven ecosystem. Aging populations and chronic disease are putting pressure on health resources around the world just as scientific progress, augmented intelligence and digital data are transforming the traditional health care models. This is causing a power shift with new entrants often not driven by profit disrupting the incumbents. Staying competitive and providing the personalized experience that patients demand require life sciences organizations to find new ways of working. Partnering with others to share data, medicine and resources while anticipating trends and regulatory changes will help ensure sustainability in the increasingly evidence-based, outcomes-focused sector.

Life Sciences

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Data issues in the life sciences

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Issues and LIfe scIence, 2nd edition. Experimental Design: Studying People Scientifically. Body Works. Cell Biology and Disease. Genetics.

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Issues and Life Science, Second Edition. Issues and Life Science (IALS) Book Cover. We're constantly striving to enhance the way educators teach science and​.

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PwC's pharmaceuticals and life sciences practice helps pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device clients develop future focused business strategies and to implement the time critical programmes and procedures essential to success within worldwide regulatory frameworks.

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