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Substantially updated and expanded, the fourth edition of this dictionary provides straightforward definitions of the latest financial jargon along with comprehensive coverage of financial accounting, financial reporting, management accounting, direct and indirect taxation, corporate finance, and auditing. Coverage is international, and includes worked examples of difficult concepts and feature entries on key topics.

30 Easy-to-learn English Terms for Accounting

Are you an accountant or a bookkeeper , or planning to become one soon? No matter what, you can generally improve your business English by learning some key accounting terms. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. All you need to do is read each word or phrase carefully, then have a look at the definition and examples. After you feel like you really understand the word, try to think of your own example sentences.

After that, you can do even more exercises online to improve your knowledge of accounting words. Finally, if you want a tool that includes all of the above, check out FluentU.

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Give it a free try today and see for yourself! Definition: Everything a company owns, including cash, accounts receivable money a company is going to receive, see below , property and goods. Liabilities are recorded on the right side of the balance sheet, while assets are listed on the left.

The balance sheet is important for potential investors because they can see how the company is doing. Definition: An entry that shows what a company spends. Debits are recorded on the left side of an account. She recorded the purchase of the new laptops as a debit entry. Definition: An entry that shows how much money a company receives. Credits are recorded on the right side of accounts.

Definition : An accounting system in which each transaction is recorded as both a credit and a debit, an asset and a liability. Double entry bookkeeping gives you a better perspective than single entry bookkeeping because it helps you make sure each transaction is accurately recorded.

In order to decide if the company was worth investing in, they wanted to look at the profit it had been making over the previous year. Definition: The total amount of money a company receives from the services or products it sells.

The revenue is higher than the profit, because in order to calculate the profit, you need to first see the costs of doing business. Our company has experienced a decrease in revenue due to the financial crisis. Definition: Cash and funds, but also machinery and tangible assets that can contribute to earning more money, like computers, company vehicles, etc.

Intangible assets like expertise or reputation are not considered to be capital. The word payroll also refers to the total amount of money paid by a company to its employees. They have a lot of employees on their payroll , so they employ quite a few payroll accountants to calculate employee earnings. Definition: Money that a company owes to other parties—companies or people—called creditors.

Accounts payable are considered liabilities. All of the accounts payable need to be cleared before we can invest in new software. Definition : Money that a company has to receive for products or services bought by customers or clients.

You can calculate the accounts receivable by adding up all the invoices the company generated. Appreciation can be the result of an increase in demand for a product or service. Definition: The decrease in the value of products or services a company offers. Depreciation can be due to a high supply of similar products or services offered by competitors. Because the company had almost no competitors just a year ago, nobody would have thought that their products would depreciate so much.

Definition: All the expenses a company needs to pay for, like the costs of advertising, labor, bills and taxes. Their overhead expenses were so high that they had been making very little profit, so they decided to cut back on marketing.

Definition: The time period over which financial statements are produced, usually a year. Definition: Documents that show the financial situation of a company. The accountants were all busy working on the financial statements as the company was planning to refinance its loans.

Definition: A unit of ownership in a company. The person or organization who owns shares the shareholder, see below is entitled to dividends usually cash , but they also share the responsibility if there are losses.

He decided to invest in shares of a very profitable company instead of considering a savings account, because he was sure he could make money fast and he enjoyed taking risks.

Definition: A person or organization company or any other institution that owns shares in a company. Shareholders are, in a way, the owners of a company. If the company is doing well, the value of the shares goes up. If, on the contrary, the company is not profitable, the value of its shares decreases. Because he was a shareholder in the company, he had to attend annual General Meetings in order to keep up with the latest news and to vote for new members of the Board of Directors.

When the auditors asked for additional information about the financial statements, our accountants complied without delay. Bookkeepers are usually supervised by accountants. She was training to become an accountant, but in the meantime she had a part-time job as a bookkeeper. Definition: An accountant who has a certain amount of experience and who has passed certain exams that qualify them to be a member of an institution, such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants in the UK.

Creative accounting is considered to be legal, but is often seen as unethical. As soon as our potential investor realized we had done some creative accounting , they decided to hire an auditor. Definition: Money that individuals and companies owe to the government, based on the income they make. She was a sole proprietor and she hired an accountant to file her income tax return every year. Not all countries have a VAT system.

In the US, most states have something similar, called a sales tax. The bookkeeper had to calculate the Value Added Tax in order to issue the invoice. Definition: The profitability ratio of a certain investment. The return on investment is calculated as the benefit gained from the investment divided by the cost of the investment. As their return on investment hit the lowest point in the last 5 years, they decided to stop investing in our company.

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Accounting Terms

It seems every industry has its own secret language. And knowing the lingo is an entry-point into the inner circle—an indicator that you truly belong. It's time to roll up those sleeves and start building your accounting vocabulary. To help you get started, we compiled an assortment of basic financial terms and acronyms and created this simple accounting glossary for beginners. Typically, this could be cash, inventory or accounts receivable.

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Discover the meaning of common bookkeeping terms, words and phrases from this quick A - Z style guide. Back to Alphabet Menu. The place where financial entries of a similar nature are recorded, for example the 'Sales' account is where business income goes, the 'Stationery' account is where all pens, paper, staplers etc go. A list of account names is called the Chart of Accounts. The process of sorting and entering financial data into a bookkeeping system.

Dictionary of Accounting Terms.pdf

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Entering into the accounting field can be a little confusing at first with all of the new terminology to learn. Check out the accounting terms below and find out what that last conversation was about. Learn these terms before starting your first big job and you will WOW your employer. Learn these terms before your accounting classes start and you will definitely be a step ahead of everyone else in your classes.

Bookkeeping Terms

Accounts Payable (AP)

Accounting or Accountancy is the measurement , processing, and communication of financial and non financial information about economic entities [1] [2] such as businesses and corporations. Accounting, which has been called the "language of business", [3] measures the results of an organization's economic activities and conveys this information to a variety of users, including investors , creditors , management , and regulators. The terms "accounting" and " financial reporting " are often used as synonyms. Accounting can be divided into several fields including financial accounting , management accounting , external auditing , tax accounting and cost accounting. Financial accounting focuses on the reporting of an organization's financial information, including the preparation of financial statements , to the external users of the information, such as investors , regulators and suppliers ; [7] and management accounting focuses on the measurement, analysis and reporting of information for internal use by management. Accounting has existed in various forms and levels of sophistication throughout human history.

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In this compilation, we highlight some of the most commonly used accounting terms, with precise and very easy to understand definitions.

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Line-Item - A specific account that categorizes or groups common expenditures. Related Party Transactions - A term used to define the close relationship between.

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