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ISBN Today, however, it's usually just called COM.

It is used to enable inter-process communication object creation in a large range of programming languages. The essence of COM is a language-neutral way of implementing objects that can be used in environments different from the one in which they were created, even across machine boundaries. For well-authored components, COM allows reuse of objects with no knowledge of their internal implementation, as it forces component implementers to provide well-defined interfaces that are separated from the implementation. The different allocation semantics of languages are accommodated by making objects responsible for their own creation and destruction through reference-counting. Type conversion casting between different interfaces of an object is achieved through the QueryInterface method.

[PDF] Understanding ActiveX and OLE: A Guide for Developers and Managers (Strategic Technology)

This file is named OCXInstaller. Depending on which settings you have selected, you may see a Security Warning dialog or Windows 7 User Account Control dialog. Click Yes or Install. Some controls depend on hidden, downloaded files, not visible in Windows Explorer listings. To see these dependencies, right-click the file name and choose Properties from the menu, and then click the Dependency tab. When you delete any visible file in the Downloaded Program Files directory, Windows also automatically deletes any dependent files no longer needed and cleans up registry entries.

In principle, ActiveX is not dependent on Microsoft Windows operating systems, but in practice, most ActiveX controls only run on Windows. Most also require the client to be running on an x86 -based computer because ActiveX controls contain compiled code. ActiveX is still supported as of Windows 10 through Internet Explorer 11 , while ActiveX is not supported in their default web browser Microsoft Edge which has a different, incompatible extension system, as it is based on Google 's Chromium project. ActiveX is one of the major technologies used in component-based software engineering. Many Microsoft Windows applications—including many of those from Microsoft itself, such as Internet Explorer , Microsoft Office , Microsoft Visual Studio , and Windows Media Player —use ActiveX controls to build their feature-set and also encapsulate their own functionality as ActiveX controls which can then be embedded into other applications. Internet Explorer also allows the embedding of ActiveX controls in web pages. Faced with the complexity of OLE 2.

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I'm working on an ActiveX control, and the control is being correctly instantiated based on the Mime Type. I'm trying to understand how to retrieve the path to the file. This very old deprecated KB article specifically says:. I suspect that this is now the way to go about retrieving the source path for the document, but any confirmation or direction is much appreciated.

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OLE, originally an acronym for Object Linking and Embedding, is a facility that allows Windows programs to share data and program functionality. The OLE control in the Window painter allows you to link or embed components from several applications in a window. For most servers, you can also control the server application using functions and properties defined by that server. The user can activate the control and edit the object using functionality supplied by the server application. You can also automate OLE interactions by programmatically activating the object and sending commands to the server. They could be running on a different computer. You can manage OLE objects by storing them in variables and saving them in files.

Rosca D. An ActiveX control is an object that supports a customizable, programmatic interface. Usingthe methods, events, and properties exposed by a control, Web authors can automate their HTMLpages. Examples of ActiveX Controls include text boxes, command buttons, audio players, videoplayers, stock tickers, and so on. ATL 2.

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activex and ole a guide for developers and. essential com don box charlie kindel gradie booch. understanding activex and ole download ebook pdf epub.

Component Object Model

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Understanding ActiveX and OLE David Chappell Free. Software Toolbox ActiveX vs OCX. Understanding Universal Data Access OLE DB and ADO. PDF.

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This section explains how you select the control you want by choosing whether it holds an OLE object also called an insertable object or an ActiveX control:.

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The DataWindow object can display the OLE object as an icon, or it can display an image of the contents when display of contents is supported by the server.

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