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american heart association learn and live pdf

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February is American Heart Month. When we take care of OurHearts as part of our self-care, we set an example for those around us to do the same. Learn ways to get involved.

The term heart disease refers to several types of heart conditions, including coronary artery disease and heart attack. This map shows death rates from heart disease in men in the United States.

Through Peak Cares, we help local organizations with marketing and communication strategies, pro bono software development services, and company-wide Service Days that keep us engaged with our community in meaningful ways. This month, Peak Cares is once again partnering with the American Heart Association in their mission to see a world free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. We know that the AHA is doing amazing work in advocacy, education, and research, and we want to help! Their overall mission is to be a relentless force that creates a world of longer, healthier lives.

Men and Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. In Texas, an average of 41 out of every , people die of a heart attack annually. You can make healthy changes to lower your risk of developing heart disease. Controlling and preventing risk factors is also important for people who already have heart disease. To lower your risk of developing heart disease, you can:. For more information, talk to your doctor about achievable goals that will help lower your risk of heart disease.

Peak Cares: Supporting the American Heart Association

If you are experiencing heart attack or stroke symptoms, call immediately! This map should not be used to find a hospital during an emergency situation. Hospital information subject to change Learn how to search on the map. PDF opens in new window What do the awards mean? PDF opens in new window Are you getting the highest quality of healthcare? Use this link for more information on our content editorial process.

Three Things You May Not Know About CPR

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Patient Education Resources for Healthcare Professionals

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The American Heart Association helps your patients learn about heart disease and congenital heart defects, diabetes, heart failure, stroke, cardiac arrest, cardiac rehab, Learn and live with our downloadable patient information sheets.

Heart Attack Tools and Resources

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Learn about CPR so you can be prepared.

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Educate and engage your patients with interactive tools, educational materials, and other resources from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.

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Stroke is dangerous and deadly — the No.

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