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nociceptive and neuropathic pain pdf

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Nociceptive pain is one of the two main types of physical pain.

However, lesion or disease in the sensory system can result in neuropathic pain, which serves no protective function. Understanding how the sensory nervous system works and what changes occur in neuropathic pain are vital in identifying new therapeutic targets and developing novel analgesics. In recent years, technologies such as optogenetics and RNA-sequencing have been developed, which alongside the more traditional use of animal neuropathic pain models and insights from genetic variations in humans have enabled significant advances to be made in the mechanistic understanding of neuropathic pain.

Advances in understanding nociception and neuropathic pain

Pain is an unpleasant, sensitive and emotional experience associated with or described in terms of tissue lesion, and may be acute or chronic. It may also be classified as nociceptive, neuropathic or psychogenic. Nociceptive pain involves the transformation of environmental stimuli into action potentials carried to the central nervous system, where they are modulated and integrated up to final interpretation in the cerebral cortex. Neuropathic pain may arise as a consequence of the direct lesion of axons, or of an increase in the production of neurotrophic factors. Chronic pain is always associated with anxiety and some degree of depression. Drug therapy should be selected according to its efficacy; nonetheless, the professional should also consider the tolerability and adverse effects that may occur, for example, in elderly individuals.

There are two well-recognized broad categories of pain: the common sensical sort the pain of damage , and the somewhat more exotic kind that comes from damage to the system that reports and interprets damage, the nervous system. More specifically:. Obviously these kinds of pain can and do overlap. Some medical problems, like injuries, can affect both nerves themselves and other tissues, causing both kinds of pain. Some common kinds of pain are not a great fit for either of the two official categories.

Nociceptive Pain

It is because of the chemical and electrical signals that the brain shares when you feel pain due to any damage. These signals are transmitted through the nerves. There is neuropathic pain when a single nerve or group of nerves is injured or damaged. Neuropathic pain is different than nociceptive pain. To understand the type of pain, you should talk to a neuroscience specialist. Neuropathic pain caused by inflammation, irritation or neural tissue compression.

All rights reserved. Pain, both acute and chronic, affects millions of people in the United States. Pain can be categorized along a variety of dimensions, including one of the most important divisions, nociceptive versus neuropathic pain NP. Nociceptive pain results from activity in neural pathways secondary to actual tissue damage or potentially tissue-damaging stimuli. NP is chronic pain that is initiated by nervous system lesions or dysfunction and can be maintained by a number of different mechanisms. Three common conditions that are often associated with acute and chronic NP are painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy DPN , painful postherpetic neuralgia PHN , and cancer. Patients with painful DPN, PHN, or cancer may present with a variety of acute or chronic NP symptoms, and it is important to distinguish these conditions from other pain syndromes so that appropriate therapy can be initiated.

PDF | Pain results from the activation of a subset of sensory neurones termed nociceptors and has evolved as a “detect and protect” mechanism.

Nociceptive and neuropathic pain: What are they?

Galluzzi KE. Management of Neuropathic Pain. Pain may be the most common reason patients seek treatment from physicians. When persistent and unrelieved, pain can frustrate both the person suffering with this condition and the physician trying to alleviate it. Relief from chronic pain may be particularly difficult to achieve and fraught with mis-conceptions.

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Nociceptive pain is a medical term used to describe the pain from physical damage or potential damage to the body.

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