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Nepal had been surrounded by two major powers- India and China. India and Nepal had been sharing very historical and civilizational relations. With the signing of Indo-Nepal Peace and Friendship Treaty , the first step in solidifying the multifaceted bilateral relations was taken.

The tiny Himalayan State Nepal continues to be economically vulnerable, primarily because of its geopolitical status as a land-locked country. This is the case with all land-locked countries across the world that do not have direct access to the seas.

Podcast: Play in new window Download. This article examines the political and security contexts that led to the deployment of these foreign soldiers and police officers on Nepali soil. It will include detail about the checkposts given in the accounts of early foreign travelers who encountered them in various remote places. The great scoop comes at the end.

China`s strategic foray in the post-monarchy Nepal: implications for India

Within weeks of promulgating its first republican constitution Nepal has not just stepped into a new era domestically but also with its two giant neighbours, writes Shreya Paudel. In response, Nepal has signed a breakthrough treaty with China, moving away from the turbulent trade marriage with its southern neighbour for the first time since Delhi on its part says that goods are not able to go towards Nepal because Madheshi protesters are blocking the passage, but traders have highlighted that goods are not even entering Nepal from the entry points like Kakarbhitta which have not been affected by Madheshi protesters. The few trucks that are crossing the border are not enough and the Nepalese are rapidly running out of gas and petrol, leading to fuel rationing and fears that supplies will run out completely. As a result, Nepal has signed a deal with the Chinese government to import emergency fuel. So within weeks of promulgating its first republican constitution, Nepal has not just stepped into a new era domestically but also with its two giant neighbours. Nothing left to hide, India!

Greater Nepal

Greater Nepal is a nascent irredentist concept of Nepal extending beyond its present boundaries to include current Indian territories, which were once controlled by the Gorkha army. Greater Nepal is aimed at setting the clock back to the status before the Sugauli Treaty. The concept of "Greater Nepal" does not include those parts of Tibet that the Gorkha army occupied very briefly after defeating Tibetans in wars fought from to but from where the Gorkha army was ejected by Chinese army which defeated the Gurkha king in Sino-Nepalese War. Gorkha rule over this expanse was brief, however, and in the aftermath of the war with the East India Company the Gorkhali realm was whittled down considerably. The real time Gorkhali presence in Garhwal was for 12 years, Kumaon for 24 years, [2] and Sikkim for 33 years.

The bilateral relation between Nepal and China has been friendly and is defined by the Sino-Nepalese Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed on April 28, by the two countries. Though initially unenthusiastic, Nepal has been of late making efforts to increase trade and connectivity with China. Relations between Nepal and China got a boost when both countries solved all border disputes along the China—Nepal border by signing the Sino-Nepal boundary agreement on March 21, making Nepal the first neighboring country of China to agree to and ratify a border treaty with China. The government of both Nepal and China ratified the border agreement treaty on October 5, From onward, Nepal has maintained a policy of balancing the competing influence of China and Nepal's southern neighbor India , the only two neighbors of the Himalayan country after the accession of the Kingdom of Sikkim into India in

The India-Nepal Peace And Friendship Treaty: Need for a Critical Reappraisal

July 25, The visit underscores yet again the primacy of South Asia in the foreign policy calculus of the new government in New Delhi and comes nearly two months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the leaders of SAARC countries for his swearing-in ceremony and a month after Mrs Sushma Swaraj visited Dhaka. Close and intimate ties Perhaps no two neighbours have such close and intimate ties, which are rooted in history and manifest in day-to-day existence in a thousand different ways.

On Tuesday, Nepali Congress lawmaker and shadow Foreign Minister Narayan Khadka raised the issue of the missing documents in Parliament, urging the government to locate them.

India-Nepal ties: Mapping New Horizons

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